12 September 2011


Hi there, I am so sorry but I am unable to produce this recipe as I have lost it as It was done last year.
But not to worry I still remember the steps only quantity forgot.

U may just use a normal snowskin mooncake skin & replace the water with Mango Yogurt Drink & 2 drops of orange or yellow)optional & mango essence .

Filling - advance 1or 2 days do

4 Mangoes or u can get Pooh Huat instant mango puree 1 bottle( I  gotten non sugar added hence I added sugar to suit my family's taste)
3 tbsp Gelatine powder
8 tbsp of icing sugar
1 tbsp of hot water
1 tbsp custard Powder (optional)

Melt the Gelatine in hot water till dissolve.
Mix everything together. Pour into the mould u r using afterwards for imprint. (if u dont have this it is ok,  get a low square plate or tin(line it with cling*for easy removing) put in fridge. cut it into almost ur intended shapes. Usually cut into rectangles or u may use ice cubes round balls mould.
Wrap the snowskin+filling and pinch skin well before u mould it & it comes out purfecto.

It will taste somewhat like sherbet jelly ice cream & Mango puree in-between. Note: if above is not done well, it might taste strange.

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