21 February 2014

Kueh Lapis

This is a favorite with my mum and younger brother. His a sucker for this kueh. It is tedious to stand and pour for 3 hrs every
Layer but not the mixing part for me. Keke KA helps me loads. So here is the recipe which I attended Richard Goh class and bought th booklet recipe but didnt attend this class and made a few changes to it. Hope his not angry as its sweet for my taste being health conscious as my grandma is elderly and growing wide being seated in wheelchair most of the time :

Ingredients A:

500g butter
300g condense milk
3 tsp rum
150g flour
1 tbsp 5 spice powder (from malaysia) or normal 5 spice as long use fresh one should do the trick of a better bake
20 egg yolk
100g sugar

Ingredients B:

10egg whites
100g sugar
1/4 cream of tartar

Equipment use:
1 9" cake tray ( lined based  only)
Big Soup scoop (mine was pretty big)
Metal Presser

How to:

Heat oven at 200c . Slightly bake ur tin  (roughly takes5 mins )just before  u incoporate ur egg yolk batter into egg whites.(last step)

Beat butter, sugar, condense milk, rum till pale yellow. Then under low speed add yolks one at a time. Till totally incoporated.

Sieve flour and 5 spice powder and fold in using spatula into butter mix , at this moment my KA was beating my egg whites, sugar and tartar at speed 6 and speed 4.

*check every now and then. Dont over beat ur egg whites...

Now till to get handy. Scoop some egg white into the egg yolk batter and fold it in . Now scoop some and fold it in again. To ensure egg yolk batter was full mix to the bottom of bowl, pour the rest *batter into the egg whites and mix well.

Time to bake:

Remove cake tin from oven and pour in the first layer 1 scoop at a timeand even out the batter by turning here there till it covers the tin and bake at 220c till golden brown. (Switch to top heat only  and increase heat to 230c ) at this point. Use a metal presser every time when the lapis is out of the oven to prevent air pockets from forming. Continue baking layer by layer till batter was used up. 

Remember its hot. Do wear both gloves to protect ur hands.

During last layer, do watch out as easily dry out.. or char tar.... remove from tin immediately and cool down totally before cutting. So there u have it. Ur very own lapis.

Ps: the lapis looks more like lapis the following day. Its like mooncake returning oil look and taste better too. Keep in fridge always to prevent moulds and spoiling ur long long hours to bake lapis. And wrap ur lapis with cling wrap at least  2 layers.

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